Prepping for a Vintage Tiki Party

A while back I posted a little teaser about tiki parties and now it’s finally time to share with you! First let’s talk about the party planning! This is one of my favorite parts. I just love everything to do with being a hostess. First off, I wanted to find a clever way to invite my friends to such an event while making it clear that the party is vintage-themed.

The Invitation:


(I’ll admit that the pictures for the invitation were found online and then put into my design, but since they were really for personal use, it should be okay that I used them.)

The text:
The year is 1959. Hawaii has just become a state. Trader Vic’s tiki lounges and hula wear are taking the world by tropical storm! Slip into your favorite tiki wear and celebrate the island life with a tropical cocktail.

Please bring an island themed snack to share. Cocktails will be provided. Tiki wear required, vintage tiki preferred.

I’d say that that set the mood just as I had hoped. I must say, I’m still patting myself on the back for the witty text.

The cocktail prep:

I have spent many, many vintage-themed (as well as other parties) locked to the bar, making other people’s cocktails. Although I love mixing cocktails, that still wasn’t nearly as fun as enjoying my own party. Therefore, I came up with a creative way to get my guests fancy cocktails like I would normally make them without having to stand post with the shaker all night! I came up with this plan for my tiki party in 2012 and it worked like a charm so well that I used it this year as well. I created recipe cards, posted them above the bar and just provided all the fixings for every recipe. Of course, I chose appropriate vintage cocktails (and included the history of the cocktails because I’m a vintage-nerd!). These cards worked so well for me that I’m putting them up here for you all to use for your next vintage tiki shindig.

Mai Tai

The ever favorite Mai Tai.

Blue Hawaiian

Because you have to use Blue Curacao at a Tiki party!


For something light and simple.

Sex on the Beach

And a dream of many.

Other than that bit of preparation, mostly I spent time on my outfit (which actually was hardly any time at all because I have a favorite 1950’s tiki dress in my collection that I’m rather in love with) and making sure I had my place all ready to receive guests. Next posting = pictures from the tiki lounge!


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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