The Vista ’63 – The Epitome of a Mid-Century Modern Home

In 1962, Seattle held the World’s Fair which was dubbed Century 21. My mom, and nearly 10 million other people, attended the fair over the six months it was open. Being that it was 1962, the fair was wonderfully futuristic, very mid-century modern and included wonders like the Space Needle and the Seattle Monorail which takes you from the Space Needle to downtown shopping district where you could, at the time, have gloves fitted at a long, wooden counter on the second floor of the gorgeous Bon Marche, or peruse the luxurious Frederick & Nelson. (I’ve heard too many stories about both of these incredible places from my mom and my Grammi that I would be remiss not to mention them.)

The Century 21 was divided into sections; the World of Science, World of Century 21 (also known as World of Tomorrow), World of Commerce and Industry, World of Art, World of Entertainment and many more which pushed Seattle to the forefront of modernism. The next Spring, in 1963, Seattle prepared for the Seattle Home Show which took place inside the new Washington State Coliseum (now the Key Arena); a building that had also been built for the Century 21. A local architect, Kenneth E. Koehler, designed a fabulous, futuristic home and had it constructed inside the coliseum itself; Vista ’63.

After the home show, Vista ’63 was taken apart piece-by-piece, moved south of downtown Seattle and lovingly reconstructed, on the side of a hill, where it could look over Lake Washington. Luckily for someone out there, the Vista ’63 is currently looking for new owners! My wonderful real estate broker, Daisy Casillas, turned me on to this house last week and told me that I simply had to see it in person. (As an added bonus, if you need a broker in the Seattle area who truly understands a lust for vintage homes or if you simply need to own the Vista ’63, Daisy is your gal!)

Now I bring you pictures of my photos from my exclusive viewing of this nearly 4,000 square feet, tri-level, mid-century beauty… with which, I fell deeply in love.

World Fair House_64 World Fair House_65 World Fair House_112 World Fair House_10World Fair House_108 World Fair House_11  World Fair House_52 World Fair House_49World Fair House_47 World Fair House_68 World Fair House_74World Fair House_70 World Fair House_76  World Fair House_81World Fair House_107  World Fair House_109 World Fair House_13 World Fair House_15 World Fair House_18 World Fair House_19 World Fair House_20 World Fair House_22 World Fair House_28 World Fair House_26 World Fair House_35 World Fair House_37 World Fair House_40 World Fair House_41 World Fair House_43 World Fair House_57 World Fair House_58 World Fair House_63 World Fair House_61

If you’d like to see photos from the Vista ’63’s construction inside the Colesium, check out this archive.


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I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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