Swingin’ 1960s

Before we moved from the swingin’ sixties pad, we did a little photoshoot to match my lovely, olive green 1965 living room and I feel the need to share it. Cocktails and all!

clink haus cover1965 21965 1 1965 3

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My Beautiful, Vintage-Inspired Tea Party

Way in the back of our yard, there’s a lovely spot that’s shaded by a big, old apple tree. It’s a mossy little nook between a vintage, children’s playhouse and the tall, back fence. The apple tree, although very tall, droops some large branches down towards the grass; creating a little tunnel for the breeze, even on the most sweltering days. Old clotheslines run out from the playhouse; of which I hung pink lace curtains….

As you can imagine, it’s the perfect spot for a girly tea party!

It was a hot day in June, but that breezy little nook provided that perfect little spot to sit, drink tea and chit-chat with my lady friends. What a blast!

Now, enjoy all the details…. like we did.

A huge shout out to Smashing Petals for the floral and tea cup installation.
And another huge thank you to Smile Mercantile for the beautiful photography.

teaparty1teaparty2 teaparty7 teaparty10 teaparty11 teaparty12 teaparty13 teaparty19 teaparty21 teaparty22 teaparty23 teaparty24 teaparty27 teaparty28 teaparty29 teaparty30 teaparty34 teaparty35 teaparty44 teaparty48 teaparty52 teaparty53 teaparty55teaparty54  teaparty57

Until next year!

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Our 1928 Cottage

As I mentioned in my last blog, we decided to move! Now that we’re mostly settled in the new house (minus my huge pile of crafting and vintage shop stuff to sort downstairs, of course) I want to catch you all up on all our new adventures and, mostly, show you the new house!

This lovely little beauty that we’re now leasing was built in 1928 and is still owned by the second family that ever owned it. They obviously have taken great pride in the house over the decades and now we’re loving it also. Here are some quick, cellphone snapshots of our process through the moving.


We cleaned, scrubbed and dusted.


And moved in allllll our stuff (aka my stuff)


Then we decorated with flowers and lots and lots of vintage.



A group of us spent a long time catching up on yard work to clean up the backyard and the play house (aka she-shed).


And now we’re just relaxing and enjoying it.


Even the cats like it…. and are (mostly) getting along


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It’s mod, mod world {party}! – Party at my swingin’ 1960s pad

After months of looking at houses in the current, fairly impossible, Seattle housing market, we decided to put away our dreams of owning for a bit and we signed the lease on a lovely, 1928 house. My guy and I were quite excited to move in the new house as it has more space for all my vintage knick-knacks (including a space for my favorite pink chairs which he just doesn’t appreciate like I do… but we’ll get to that in another blog. haha), a yard for us to grow veggies and host parties and a garage where he can work on his beloved car. It had everything we needed… all wrapped up with vintage charm! Unfortunately, this meant that I had to leave my perfectly mid-century, 1962 apartment. Instead of spending my last couple months in the apartment totally bummed, I decided to handle the situation in typical CoriLu fashion… and plan a 1960s cocktail party!

The party not only served as a moving announcement to our beatnik friends, but also as a mod celebration of my years in the apartment… and now I’d like to share our party success with you!

1960s party_38

My friends are the best and went over the top just as I had hoped… and I finally got to wear my patriotic, flower mini dress and gogo boots that I bought from the original owner while garage sale-ing a couple of years ago!

1960s party_95

1960s party_125

1960s party_53

1960s party_67

1960s party_125

We, of course, had to have classic martinis and other 1960s cocktails.

1960s party_49

Now, if you ask me, that’s the way to celebrate a wonderful 1960s apartment!

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The Vista ’63 – The Epitome of a Mid-Century Modern Home

In 1962, Seattle held the World’s Fair which was dubbed Century 21. My mom, and nearly 10 million other people, attended the fair over the six months it was open. Being that it was 1962, the fair was wonderfully futuristic, very mid-century modern and included wonders like the Space Needle and the Seattle Monorail which takes you from the Space Needle to downtown shopping district where you could, at the time, have gloves fitted at a long, wooden counter on the second floor of the gorgeous Bon Marche, or peruse the luxurious Frederick & Nelson. (I’ve heard too many stories about both of these incredible places from my mom and my Grammi that I would be remiss not to mention them.)

The Century 21 was divided into sections; the World of Science, World of Century 21 (also known as World of Tomorrow), World of Commerce and Industry, World of Art, World of Entertainment and many more which pushed Seattle to the forefront of modernism. The next Spring, in 1963, Seattle prepared for the Seattle Home Show which took place inside the new Washington State Coliseum (now the Key Arena); a building that had also been built for the Century 21. A local architect, Kenneth E. Koehler, designed a fabulous, futuristic home and had it constructed inside the coliseum itself; Vista ’63.

After the home show, Vista ’63 was taken apart piece-by-piece, moved south of downtown Seattle and lovingly reconstructed, on the side of a hill, where it could look over Lake Washington. Luckily for someone out there, the Vista ’63 is currently looking for new owners! My wonderful real estate broker, Daisy Casillas, turned me on to this house last week and told me that I simply had to see it in person. (As an added bonus, if you need a broker in the Seattle area who truly understands a lust for vintage homes or if you simply need to own the Vista ’63, Daisy is your gal!)

Now I bring you pictures of my photos from my exclusive viewing of this nearly 4,000 square feet, tri-level, mid-century beauty… with which, I fell deeply in love.

World Fair House_64 World Fair House_65 World Fair House_112 World Fair House_10World Fair House_108 World Fair House_11  World Fair House_52 World Fair House_49World Fair House_47 World Fair House_68 World Fair House_74World Fair House_70 World Fair House_76  World Fair House_81World Fair House_107  World Fair House_109 World Fair House_13 World Fair House_15 World Fair House_18 World Fair House_19 World Fair House_20 World Fair House_22 World Fair House_28 World Fair House_26 World Fair House_35 World Fair House_37 World Fair House_40 World Fair House_41 World Fair House_43 World Fair House_57 World Fair House_58 World Fair House_63 World Fair House_61

If you’d like to see photos from the Vista ’63’s construction inside the Colesium, check out this archive.

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Vintage Easter Bonnet Inspiration – There’s still time!

I love, love, love owning vintage… well basically everything, but sometimes I love to get a little crafty and whip up something vintage inspired. Would you like to make a quick and easy Easter hat? There’s still time! Hit up your local thrift and craft stores, gather some flowers and other findings, grab a base hat (preferably a new one as I never support tearing vintage apart—unless it’s already totally falling apart, of course) and get out the glue gun! Here’s some inspiration for your quest:

You WILL be my Valentine photo AnnMillerEaster1946.jpg

and my personal favorite

Now go make a wonderfully fun, vintage inspired hat and have a very Happy Easter!

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Your Perfect Vintage Easter Bonnet

It’s almost Easter time and I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to wear for whatever celebrating I do this year. This year, Easter lands just a week or so before our big move from the swingin’ 1960s pad in the city to a 1920s house in the suburbs. I’m excited for the move and also sad about it the same time. I love my 1962 apartment very much, but a 1928 house with a yard for a garden and space to work on more vintage loveliness is going to be pretty amazing. Let’s just hope there’s enough closet space!

Anywho, whatever I end up doing, even if it’s packing, I think I deserve to wear a cute, Springy outfit with a vintage Easter bonnet. So while I’m trying to decide which hat I should wear, here are some bonnets that I think would work perfectly for you… because I think that fancy Easter bonnets need to make a comeback and it needs to happen now. Oh, and there’s still time to get them for your Easter festivities! Click on the pictures to find them in the shop!

Purple Feather and Satin Hat 1 Velvet Tan Feather Hat 5 White 1950s Flower Wedding Headband 1 Cream Ruffle Hat 4 Peach Gathered Hat 2 Wedgewood Blue Bell Hat 4Peach Raffia Tiki Hat 4 Pink Raffia Pillbox 2

Some bunny thinks one of these hats would look darling on you!

Ceramic Bunny 1

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The Magical Teatro Zinzanni’s “Hot Spot”

Ahem. I apologize, I’ll calm down now. I just get waaaaaayyy too excited about going to this magical place!

As you may remember, last year I got the chance to attend Teatro Zinzanni for their show, Hail Ceasar! Forbidden Oasis (see my blog about the show here). Last week I got to go to another of their shows, Hot Spot.

Wow! Everything under that Spiegeltent was just as fabulous as last year! The singing, the dancing, the trapeze acts, the food, the wine, the glitter, the lights… all were…just wow. Incredible. Let me tell you, my dreams of being a show girl and of decorating my bedroom like it’s the inside of the Moulin Rouge elephant, have been reawakened.

I wore a bright red, recent thrifting-find from the 1980s that consisted of lacy ruffles, sheer polka dots and a big, satin bow… a personal favorite combination of mine. Oh and a big, glittery bright red peacock in my hair to match. Because, if there was ever a place to wear a sparkly bird in your hair, Teatro Zinzanni is it! We (and by we, I mean me… and my sweet guy puts up with it so very well) had a little fun snapping photos in the lobby before and after the show that I’ll share with you, but please forgive the crude, cellphone quality.

20150226_175337 20150226_180429 20150226_180909 20150226_180915 20150226_222522 20150226_222911 20150226_223004

So after all that, my advice is, if you can go, go! It’s worth every penny. A little hint though: sign up for their emailing list and they will email you deals. Also, you can look for Teatro Zinzanni tickets on Groupon. They are running a deal now, but if they aren’t running a deal when you go to look, there is a button you can click to be notified when they have a Groupon deal. 100% worth it! Enjoy!

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Happy {Pin Up} Valentine’s Day!

After many, many months of waiting with baited breath, some of my pin up pictures are finally here. I know that I said I’d share them long ago, but Valentine’s Day just seemed to me as possibly the best time to show off a little bit of vintage-styled, lingerie pin-up photography… and maybe a little skin. So here we go, eat your heart out! *wink

8 17 3 4 5 6

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Are you baking with love this Valentine’s Day?

I sure am! Although, I’m not really sure what I’ll be making, I’ll be making something for both for a Galentine’s tea and something for my guy on Valentine’s Day proper.

Do you have any amazing Valentine’s Day recipes to share? I have the tools!

rolling pin
Available at CoriLuVintage.

Available at CoriLuVintage.

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