Vintage 1953 Lace Wedding Dress? I do!

I may be in love… for there is no truer love than that of a vintage collector for a vintage wedding dress. (In my opinion, that is.) Luckily for all of you however, this beauty just doesn’t quite fit me. (It also doesn’t really match any of the wedding themes that I have in my dreams, so alas, I must pass it on to a bride who’s dreams it will make come true.) That being said, let me introduce you.

This gorgeous lace wonder was first worn in 1953. It is handmade, covered in sheer/cream lace and has a gorgeous train. The back and the wrists are done up with matching lace covered buttons. There is a beautiful sheer neckline with a peter pan collar of lace. The neck and bust are detailed with iridescent, cream sequins. Overall, this dress is an absolute beauty. Anyone looking for a 1950’s style wedding dress? This is it! Take a look:

1953 Wedding Dress 3

Possibly the prettiest collar ever

1953 Wedding Dress 2
1953 Wedding Dress 1

Look at that lace train!

1953 Wedding Dress 6

It’s all in the details


1953 Wedding Dress 4
Button up sleeves with pointed detail.
1953 Wedding Dress 5

The hand stitching behind the embroidery and sequins.

Oh and here’s the really fun part! Here are two pictures of the original bride wearing her favorite dress 60 years ago:


Just about the cutest 20-somethings to get married ever.

It takes a village to prepare for a wedding!

It takes a village to prepare for a wedding!


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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