The Hunt for the Perfect Vintage House

Let me start out by saying, house hunting is hard. Really hard.

I’m not trying to complain exactly, but it’s truly, really hard. With my needs, wants and, most of all, budget, it’s nearly impossible to find something that isn’t either waaaaaay out in the boondocks or in a super sketchy part of town. But hey, it’s also fun! (You know, in a stressful, time-consuming, heart-wrenching kind of way. Haha.)

There’s probably no need to even say this, but obviously I’m looking for a vintage house. I’m not super picky about the era it’s from or even the house itself, but I do feel like my soul would probably shrivel up and die if I lived in something post-1965. (That’s probably too specific and I’m sure there are exceptions, but I really, really want an old house to love!)

I can even tell you exactly where I acquired my innate need to find an old house and give it all my love. It came directly from my favorite book as a child (oh heck, it’s still my favorite book!), The Little House.

(If you haven’t read The Little House, for heaven’s sake, go read it! Makes me tear up every time I read it.)

Anyways, not only do I have this need to take care of a vintage house, I feel like vintage houses and I just understand each other. They have their quirks and they’re always unique. I guess they’re a little like me. So, I’ll continue my search for that perfect vintage house, in a perfect place, that needs my love.

Just for fun, I’ll share a couple that I have seen so far:IMG_20150121_175639IMG_20150121_233351

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Valentine’s Flowers for a Vintage Lifestyle

As you may know from a few of my other posts, I ADORE flowers.

I love buying them, I love seeing them, I love receiving them and I love planting them. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our upcoming flower holiday… Valentine’s Day. That’s right, it’s almost here! Last year on Valentine’s Day, I walked down to Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle at the end of my work day to buy myself a bouquet of flowers. I was shocked when, at only 5:15pm, there wasn’t a single flower left anywhere! (Even the spiky, dried flower bunches were sold out!) This got me thinking. Why are real, live flowers the only way that we give flowers on Valentine’s Day? I love wearing flowery clothing and jewelry just as much as having flowers on my coffee table. I love seeing them on my cup while I drink my tea just as much as I like smelling the floral fragrance from the bouquet on my breakfast table.

So, I suggest that we get creative this year and find another way to give some beautiful AND ever-lasting flowers. (I’ll even help you with some ideas from CoriLuVintage… and there’s still time to ship them before Valentine’s Day!)

Click on the pictures to see the items in the shop.

white 2 cup shell sweetheart whiteshoe  gold platerose

As a floral aside, my wonderful guy brought me flowers when he came home last night. Traditional deep red roses and baby’s breath because “he loves me and he never wants me to forget it” and another bouquet of beautiful yellow-to-red tulips because “they’re awesome.” How cute is he?

Also, if you want a delicious and romantic cocktail for Valentine’s Day, check out my Galentine’s blog from last year!

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My 1920’s Treadle Sewing Machine

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to come across a treadle sewing machine in the most perfect condition and I just realized that I never shared pictures of all its splendorous details!

I purchased this The Free treadle sewing machine while thrifting one evening and surprisingly it had its entire box of feet parts, most of its painted decoration still intact, the original warranty and the original instruction booklet. Too cool, right?

Pedal parts needle warranty cabinet book free design design 22

I’ve never sewn on a treadle, but I’m hoping I will get to soon. Now all I have to do is take everything apart and learn to clean and oil it. Oh, and replace the leather treadle belt. It’ll be a challenge, but I think I’m up to it. I hope…


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My Vintage Christmas 2014

You may think that I’ve finally lost my marbles completely based on the title of this blog, but I promise that I have realized that it’s already the end of January! It’s just that the Christmas season was so crazy-pants that I never got to share with you all my new-to-me, vintage Christmas finds for my collection this year, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do now! (And then I promise we’ll move on to more new stuff this year.)

Boot Ceramic Bouquet Dancing Claus Diorama 1 Diorama 2Angel Ornament Faceted Holly Paper Village Red Cluster Red Deer Tongue Out Santa Diorama Sequined Santa Shiny Bright Striped Angel DollLanternBig Santa   SnowmanLiving Room

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CoriLuVintage Jewelry for “The Astronaut Wives Club”

Coming in 2015 are Annie Glenn, Rene Carpenter, Trudy Cooper, their friends from The Astronaut Wives Club… and their jewelry from CoriLuVintage!

Based on the book by Lily Koppel, this mini series tells the true story of the women of the Space Race and will be featuring earrings from CoriLuVintage. When you’re watching this series on ABC next year (because I know all you vintage lovers will be watching) make sure to keep an eye out for these pieces!

Blue and Brown 1 Flower Pearl Earrings 1 Gold Square Chunk Necklace 1 Pastel Dots Pearl Leaf Earrings 2 Peridot Green Earrings 1 Pink Cats Eye 3 Turquoise and Pearl Clusters 1Pink Plastic Flower Earrings 2 Purple Rhinestone Flowers 1 Swirl Earrings 1  Turquoise Pin Wheel Earrings 1 Mod 60s Clip On Blue Earrings 1

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Happy New Years from CoriLuVintage!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Take my advice. This, my darlings, is how you should dress for New Year’s Eve!

Grammi Fancy

Tradition says that you should do your best to enter the new year, at midnight, the way you’d like to spend the next year. And I figure, who doesn’t want to look like this all next year?!

By the way, this is my grandma, Carmen, circa 1950-something.

I’m sending you my hopes, dreams and wishes for 2015 from Palm Springs, CA… where hopefully I’ll be going to a party a little like this one from the historic Palm Springs Racquet Club in 1940:

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Vintage Christmas Party 2014!

The last post, with a picture of my Grammi at Christmas 1959, gave me a swell idea… to edit some of the pictures from my Christmas party this year to look like her picture! What do you think?

valerie and nathan vintage final cori nathan vintage frank and emily vintage valerie vintage final

If you’d like to do something like this with your photos, here’s the tutorial that I used. I then took it a step further and added an edge like on my Grammi’s picture.

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Vintage Christmas From My Grammi

I thought it might be fun to share with you just a part of where I get my love of both vintage and Christmas… and, especially, vintage Christmas!

My Grammi, Christmas 1959

Grammi with Tree

and one of her beautiful trees

Grammi's Tree

Boy howdy, I wish I could see a Christmas from either of these eras in person.

Happy vintage Christmas day-dreaming!


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Christmas Pictures

Vintage Christmas pictures… they are coming.

Christmas Couple 1

I promise!

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My Vintage October and November

Good golly, Miss Molly! It’s been simply ages since I’ve blogged! I don’t want to do this, but there’s just so much to get to that we’re going to go ahead and do the vintage review a little bit differently so that we can get caught up quickly. Quite a lot has happened since I did my last vintage month in review in September:

  • I made my Carmen Miranda costume for Halloween…finally! I used a couple fabulous pieces of clothing that came from my mom’s 1970s closet, a collection of funky bobbles and beads from my jewelry box and a funky fruit headdress that I planned for months and made the night before Halloween, of course. (If you don’t know Carmen Miranda, fix that! Watch this) I also helped my guy, Nathan, pull together his Sherlock Holmes costume. Not just any Sherlock Holmes either, he was very specific about wanting to be the Robert Downey Jr. version.Halloween
  • I surprised Nathan with a trip to Vancouver, B.C. for his birthday. It was cold, but wonderful! I have pictures of the fabulous vintage buildings around town that I’ll have to share soon. I can’t wait to go back!IMG_3270
  • My wonderful guy moved into my tiny, vintage apartment. Or should I say “our” vintage apartment…IMG_20141112_072027
  • I pulled together a little 1965 photoshoot just for fun (I know you’ve already seen a teaser, but there is so much more to see. I promise I’ll get there!)Legs Vintage
  • I’ve been prepping for my vintage Christmaslike I don’t do that ALL year long, hah!—and I have so much to show you!paper village
  • And, of course, I did the Festival of Trees fundraiser (like I do every Thanksgiving) which honestly took most of my time in October and November because I made the majority of my ornaments for the 75th Anniversary of Wizard of Oz tree.tree and me

Is that enough to do over the last couple months? I think so! Oh, and I had to have a little surgery, but don’t worry, I’m just fine and now I can finally get back to blogging! I have so much I want to post both from photoshoots and from vintage Christmas-ing. Let’s get back on track!

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