The Magical Teatro Zinzanni’s “Hot Spot”

Ahem. I apologize, I’ll calm down now. I just get waaaaaayyy too excited about going to this magical place!

As you may remember, last year I got the chance to attend Teatro Zinzanni for their show, Hail Ceasar! Forbidden Oasis (see my blog about the show here). Last week I got to go to another of their shows, Hot Spot.

Wow! Everything under that Spiegeltent was just as fabulous as last year! The singing, the dancing, the trapeze acts, the food, the wine, the glitter, the lights… all were…just wow. Incredible. Let me tell you, my dreams of being a show girl and of decorating my bedroom like it’s the inside of the Moulin Rouge elephant, have been reawakened.

I wore a bright red, recent thrifting-find from the 1980s that consisted of lacy ruffles, sheer polka dots and a big, satin bow… a personal favorite combination of mine. Oh and a big, glittery bright red peacock in my hair to match. Because, if there was ever a place to wear a sparkly bird in your hair, Teatro Zinzanni is it! We (and by we, I mean me… and my sweet guy puts up with it so very well) had a little fun snapping photos in the lobby before and after the show that I’ll share with you, but please forgive the crude, cellphone quality.

20150226_175337 20150226_180429 20150226_180909 20150226_180915 20150226_222522 20150226_222911 20150226_223004

So after all that, my advice is, if you can go, go! It’s worth every penny. A little hint though: sign up for their emailing list and they will email you deals. Also, you can look for Teatro Zinzanni tickets on Groupon. They are running a deal now, but if they aren’t running a deal when you go to look, there is a button you can click to be notified when they have a Groupon deal. 100% worth it! Enjoy!


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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