My Vintage August

A little late, but worth the wait!

It’s time for a monthly review of a wonderfully tiki August! Tiki parties, vintage cocktails, time in Seattle and really great vintage finds. Here are a few of my favorite vintage moments from August:


Here are the picture descriptions (row by row, left to right):

Top Row
1. Our vintage glamour shoot in an abandoned hotel by Voogt’s Photography. Read all about it here!
2. A little sparkle from a lovely Rhinestone Friday.
3. A tiki bar in a bottle. One of my very favorite finds from August!
4. The wonderful Smith Tower from Seattle.

Second Row
1. Vintage decanters from my lovely collection.
2. My pretend tiki vacation… looking through old postcards at Fairlook Antiques in Pioneer Square in Seattle.
3. My guy and me from my Tiki 2014 party: Cocktails at Coco’s Cabana!
4. A collection of wonderfully, sparkly finds for CoriLuVintage.

Third Row
1. My new hand-carved, tiki punchbowl set!
2. Shiny brights that I scored at a fundraiser sale.
3. A pair of lovely, yellow flower earrings that I found for CoriLuVintage. They’re available in the shop here!
4. What a fun, nautical whiskey glass I found for my guy at the same fundraiser sale.

Last Row
1. A pretty crazy old sign I found while thrifting.
2. Another selection of vintage fabric that now adorns my apartment in the form of pillows.
3. One of my very favorite photos of one of my very favorite couples. They know how to get into the tiki spirit!
4. A glorious bit of sunshine that was sneaking into our glamour photoshoot at an abandoned hotel.


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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