My Vintage June

It’s time again for a little vintage monthly review. Boy, was June a stellar vintage month for me; 1920’s parties, a gorgeous French-themed equinox party (which I’ll show you soon!), prepping for pin-up photos and lots of vintage hats! Check out a few of my favorite vintage moments from June:


Here are the picture descriptions (row by row, left to right):
Top Row
1. Ceiling décor and a chandelier from the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington.
2. Glass Gladys joined the CoriLuVintage team to show off the new hats!
3. One of the professional photobooth photos from the 1928 party. See more here.
4. The warranty I found in the drawer of the 1920’s treadle sewing machine I found and purchased.

Second Row
1. Enjoying the vintage cars outside the 1928 party. Don’t worry, there are more pictures.
2. A beautiful detailed bird design on the treadle sewing machine.
3. A pretty, painted plaque that I may have decided to keep…
4. The Dollar Bin Gin Fizz is delicious. Try it. Trust me. Here’s the recipe.

Third Row
1. I finally found myself one of those little ceramic dolls with the lace ceramic work and look at her bob! Darling.
2. My rhinestone pin for a rainy Rhinestone Friday.
3. I think we made quite the smashing couple for the 1928 party. See more here.
4. The machine parts sheet in the back of the instruction manual from my 1920’s treadle sewing machine.

Last Row
1. The needle and some of the decorative bits from the treadle sewing machine.
2. Rum Rummage is the cocktail you need this weekend. Here’s the recipe.
3. A close up from the vintage silhouettes I bought myself. Aren’t they lovely?
4. Gladys finally modelling a hat in the shop. Get this gorgeous hat here.


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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