My Vintage May in Review

As someone who is attempting to breathe vintage into her every moment of being, my every day normally includes at least a little vintage. My month of May was no exception! It was filled with vintage shopping, thrifting, dressing vintage at possible every moment, celebrating rhinestones in all their glory and lots more. May did have a couple of things that were out of the ordinary though; a vintage-themed garage sale and a trip to San Francisco. The rest, well, the rest is just my life! Check out a few of my favorite vintage moments from May:

My Vintage May

Here are the picture descriptions (row by row, left to right):

Top Row
1. My friend and my vintage garage sale and clothing blowout!
2. A very beautiful and delicate cameo necklace that I bought myself at an estate sale up north.
3. The antique heater in my room when I visited San Francisco. I stayed in a building where, as I understand it, the famous turn-of-the century, dancer Isadora Duncan once lived.
4. Showing off some new cloudy blue rhinestones for Rhinestone Friday.

Second Row
1. Wearing one of my favorite, vintage bouclé suits (that my mom wore when she was my age) for the Fremont Foundry open house.
2. Vintage shopping in San Francisco’s Haight & Ashbury district. Check out my blog about it here!
3. Ogling over my own drawers of jewelry.
4. Drooling over old houses in San Francisco. Oh the colors!

Third Row
1. Rhinestone Friday with a stunning new rhinestone bracelet that I bought when my man took my antiquing in Snohomish, Washington.
2. My very funky cherry and bird hat that I got while thrifting with my mom on Mother’s Day. Won’t that be perfect for a Cherry Harvest party this Summer?
3. More vintage research (read as: shopping) in San Francisco. See more pictures here!
4. Vintage heels with bows on the toes that got me through an all-day business tradeshow.

Last Row
1. Stunning coral-colored roses inside a vintage plastic pot that looks just like hobnail milk glass… neither of which could I resist buying for my patio.
2. Literally a whole truck-load of vintage cars that I saw them loading the other day. I don’t know where they are though, I thought they were delivering to my place!
3. Showing off my vintage-inspired sun hat (that I purchased on Pier 39) while riding on a cable car.
4. My stunning new, mid-century punchbowl set. Definitely my thrifting find-of-the-month!


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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2 Responses to My Vintage May in Review

  1. rubyfoot says:

    Lots of nice stuff to look at…but the radiator and the shoes are totally lustworthy (is that a word?)

    • CoriLu says:

      I think lustworthy is a word… or at least it should be! That radiator was stunning. I might be the only one who noticed that little detail in the room, but man oh man, it was pretty. I want one!

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