A Night Out with Nick & Nora

I mentioned a few of my favorite vintage movies in a previous post, My Vintage {and Vintage Inspired} Stories – Movies, but one of the ones I didn’t mention last time was The Thin Man.

A great example of witty, 1930’s comedy, The Thin Man is one my favorites and has been since I was introduced to it last Fall. It was released in 1934 and ended up with five sequels that are currently waiting on my to-watch list. (I just read that the entire film was filmed in 12 out of 14 days, wow!) Nick and Nora, a darling couple and dashing pair of detectives, solve mysteries while enjoying cocktails and being very funny and playful with each other. Definitely worth a see!

Being that I’ll watch just about any of my favorites just about as many times as possible, I jumped at the chance to see The Thin Man on the big screen and in its original 35mm. There is a gorgeous little theatre right here in Seattle, more specifically in the University District, called The Grand Illusion Cinema that shows amazing films such as this. They are currently celebrating their 10th anniversary as a volunteer-run, independent non-profit theatre with a full schedule of historical films. I hadn’t been to the theatre yet and I was very excited. So excited that I dressed up roughly time period for the night out! (You know me, of course I took this as an opportunity for a themed dress-up night!) I was so very pleased with my outfit, hairdo and jewelry that I took a few other pictures that I post a little later!


{Photo helper: Valerie of Smile Mercantile. Vintage-inspired dress: eShakti. Jewelry: my personal vintage collection}

If you haven’t seen The Thin Man, just do it. I highly recommend it. The writing is witty, the cast is delightful, Nora’s costumes are to die for and you’ll laugh out loud more during the movie than you will during most modern comedies.

If you live in Seattle and haven’t been to The Grand Illusion Cinema, check them out and go. You’ve had a taste of how lovely the theatre is, now go enjoy it yourself!


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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