A magical night at Teatro Zinzanni

Last Thursday, I had the marvelous opportunity to visit Teatro Zinzanni. This is the first time I’ve been blessed with a chance to visit their show, so let me tell you how badly you need to go… and how badly I need to go back!

Teatro Zinzanni is a dinner theatre located in Seattle that’s a combination of the steamy magic of the Moulin Rouge and the splendor of Cirque du Soleil with all the glitter, velvet and glamor that you can imagine. You walk into the historic Spiegeltent (a kind of traveling show tent of stained glass, mirror, wood and canvas that were built in Belgium in the late 19th and early 20th century) and feel as if you’re stepping back in time. The audience is encouraged to dress up in feathers, masks, and anything fanciful. Booths outline the inside of the tent and the main, wooden show floor is covered with wooden tables and chairs. You sit down, order your cocktail and just wait for the show to begin!

Their current show, Hail Ceasar! Forbidden Oasis, could not have been more exciting! All of the wait staff are directly involved in the show and one-by-one you are introduced to the main characters who will sing, dance, dangle dangerously from the trapeze, tell jokes, tumble and perform magic tricks, all while serving you a lavish 5-course meal. If you have a special occasion coming up, or even if you don’t, I would highly suggest seeing one of their shows. You definitely won’t regret it. To get a tempting little taste, watch this video.

There are no photos allowed inside the tent, of course, so I grabbed a couple of myself and my funky, vintage outfit out in the magnificently-decorated lobby, bar and gift shop. (If I could live in a room that looked like that, I could die happy!)


Not to brag, but I feel I should mention that one of the amazing performers from Les Petites Frères, a circus arts trio, asked to be in my photo, not the other way around. Haha.

muscle man


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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