Vintage Big Red Trucks

A couple of weekends ago, I went to the Pioneer Fire Festival in Downtown Seattle. (The title of the blog is making an obscure reference to a very silly dumb blonde joke, but the matter of the festival was actually a cool one!) This festival happens every spring and commemorates the Great Seattle Fire of 1889 which burned 25 city blocks of Seattle, but also allowed for a re-birth of the Pioneer Square area. (The story of the fire is pretty amazing actually, take the time to read it if you’re at all interested in history.) The area was originally a commercial area and the fire allowed it to become quite the beautiful neighborhood. (If you’re not from around here, let me give the disclaimer to go to Pioneer Square in the daytime. Although it’s quite the amazing place, it’s also not the safest. Totally worth exploring, just use common sense when going for a visit.)

At the fire festival, they display many of vintage firetrucks; all polished up and ready to be photographed… which was exactly my intent. The oldest truck at the festival actually had it’s 100th anniversary at this years festival. Man were those firetrucks pretty! I bet you’d like to see them now, eh? Okay here are a few of my favorite pictures:


1920’s Fire Truck

1950’s Fire Truck

Neat old gauge

1950's Police Car

Copper Extinguisher... ooh shiny!

In this one, you can see my vintage inspired outfit that I wore specifically for the festival. It was inspired by the oldest firetruck that was built in 1913. I wore one of my 1970’s does 19-teens blouses paired with modern shorts and flats. I figured it was a fun bit of round-about homage paid to the firetruck. 100th anniversary for this lovely 1913 fire truck:

100th anniversary for this lovely 1913 fire truck

To see all the pictures from the festival, please visit the CoriLuVintage Seattle Fire Festival album on Facebook.


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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