Old Fashioned: A Vintage Cocktail

I figured that, on the way into a good holiday weekend, we should have a new cocktail recipe. And by new, of course I mean old. Today we’re making an Old Fashioned, because let’s be honest, what’s a vintage blog without an Old Fashioned?! The Old Fashioned in the king of Mad Men drinks and a true classic. After researching the Old Fashioned online, it seems like there is quite a collection of variations. I chose to work from the recipe from the wonderful vintage-style cocktail book, Atomic Cocktails: Mixed Drinks for Modern Times (it’s another vintage-style cocktail book by the same authors as the last one!) because I like a cocktail with a little fruit and fizz.

Old Fashioned:
orange wedge
lemon wedge
1 sugar cube
2-3 dashes bitters
1.5 oz bourbon whiskey
club soda
orange slice and maraschino cherry for garnish

Atomic Cocktails: Mixed Drinks for Modern Times says “…the real secret to success is to muddle the “trimmings” — the lemon twist and orange slice — along with the usual bitters and sugar; the result is a fruity elixir that adds a deeper note to the drink” and I took that to heart. Here’s what I did and you should try now:

How To:
Add lemon and orange wedges to the bottom of the glass
Place the sugar cube on top
Add the dashes of bitters and the bourbon whiskey
Muddle them so that the sugar cube was entirely dissolved and it has a pink hue
Fill to top with ice and fill with club soda
Add garnish of thin orange slice and maraschino cherry

Viola! Now you have a classic Old Fashioned. This cocktail is a very fizzy, fresh and citrusy. I personally prefer a drink a bit sweeter than an Old Fashioned, so I added a dash of grenadine at the end which I recommend because it takes just the edge off the bitterness. Very yummy and a must have at an atomic era party.

Viola! An Old Fashioned!


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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