The Perfect Tablecloth

I know I said that I would post about vintage tiki tonight (and I promise I will eventually!), but I’m just too excited about a new addition to my vintage kitchen that I can’t possibly keep from telling you all about it. I found a vintage tablecloth online last week and won the auction! It’s unlike anything I have ever seen. It has a combination of embroidery and printing. It’s a the perfect thick, old linen. There are cute little sayings around the edge; all having to do with being the perfect hostess:

I love to cook without a book
No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best
A stew to make, a cake to bake
First the toast, then the roast
Happy hostess, happy host
Do come in to chat with me, while we sip a cup of tea

Aren’t those sayings just the cutest? I was so taken with this tablecloth that I watched it for days in order to get it. I haven’t talked at all about my kitchen yet, but I’ll give as a simple description as I can. My kitchen is a joy. I’d call it vintage, country, chic with cherries, checkerboards and red vintage pieces. Oh, and there also quite the few red hearts to go with it all. Hah! Quite the combination, eh? This tablecloth fits right in, not only because of the vintage charm, but also because it delightful little cherries in the corners! I’m so very excited to have it in my kitchen, so let’s unveil it already!


Isn’t she purdy?

As we speak, it’s bath time for my new lovely. I bought it knowing that it had some minor stains and discolorations from over the years, but also knowing that I might be able to get them out! Here’s where this blog will actually be helpful to you because I’m going to pass along a little tid-bit of information on how to clean vintage fabrics.

Bath time for baby!

Bath time for baby!

I was once told by a friend who owned vintage shop that the best way to gently clean vintage fabrics, was to soak them luke warm water with Oxiclean Powder. I let it sit in the water for a while to soak out the stains and then gently rinse, push out the water and hang to dry. I have used this technique for everything from vintage linen like this to vintage lace and it hasn’t failed me yet. As for this tablecloth, I believe it lifted all the stains wonderfully, but we’ll see when it’s all dry. I’ll keep you posted!


About CoriLu

I am a graphic designer for advertising and marketing, painter, artist and collector of anything vintage. I am also very passionate about travel, historic preservation, and just about anything sparkly.
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